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Are you looking for persuasive writing examples?  Here is an example essay written in the persuasive writing style. As you read the example, pay attention to the structure of the essay, as well as the words and phrases that are used to strengthen and reinforce the line of argument.

‘Western countries would do well to establish governmental measures to promote the practice of using non-motorized vehicles’. Discuss.

There is a constant question in society nowadays about the environmental and health risks caused by using motorized vehicles. In spite of public complaints about the excessive involvement of the government in our private lives, it is irrefutable that increasing regulatory measures by a certain amount would bring about benefits to society.  This essay will discuss the supporters and detractors to this assertion, before arriving at a conclusion.

There is no doubt that countries using non-motorized transport as a norm have a better level of health in the general population.  In Denmark, where most people cycle to work, it is reported that levels of heart disease and stroke are far lower than they are in other countries. Yet in spite of the health benefits, some would argue that the use of a bicycle as a means of transport must be a matter left to personal choice. We constantly hear objections from the public about ‘nanny-state’ policies that cause unnecessary governmental intervention and bureaucracy in our lives.  They claim, the choice of whether or not to use an environmentally-friendly form of transport should be a matter of individual conscience. But we only have to consider the rising levels of environmental damage around the world to understand that personal choice and individual conscience as a means to improving the environment have, in fact, been ineffective thus far.

One only needs to look at certain remote villages in the Far East, where the aspect of personal choice has been removed because motorized vehicles do not exist, in order to see that levels of air pollution and other forms of environmental contamination are far less in these villages than in so-called ‘developed’ countries. Consider the converse case, for instance, in the United States, where a heavy reliance on motor vehicles has resulted in the US being one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.

Therefore, it is evident that a compromise needs to be reached in order to balance the limitations on personal freedom that can result from imposing governmental control over the issue, on the one hand, with addressing the very exigent concerns of cleaning up the world’s environment and promoting healthy habits amongst its inhabitants, on the other. After all, it is often stated that personal freedom of choice is the cornerstone of any democratic society. Perhaps the best solution to the issue at hand is to have the government provide certain incentives to those who decide not to use motorized vehicles.  For instance, the government could offer rebates or subsidies on bicycle purchases. 

Another possible course of action would be to introduce certain governmental controls, but to establish those controls within very clear limits.  Alternating car use by using the vehicle registration number has been an effective solution in certain countries.  Under this scheme, car owners with odd-numbered registrations can use their vehicles on certain days of the week, while owners of vehicles ending in an even-number are permitted to use their vehicles only on the other days, and violating this policy would result in a fine or other sanctions.  One thing is clear: whether by positive reinforcement, as in the first example, or by negative reinforcement as in the second, both remedies take into account the pressing concern of the state of the global environment, as well as protecting the need of the population for both personal health and individual freedom.

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